Fashion and Creative Business

ENT4 الاستراتيجية التجارية (التسويقية)

Duration: 1 hour

Learning outcome: At the end of this Unit the learner will be able to understand the basics of a commercial strategy, its importance for a successful business and relevant information to develop one.

Entrepreneurial competences

Spotting opportunities x Self-awareness and self-efficacy Taking the initiative x
Creativity Motivation and perseverance x Planning and management x
Vision x Mobilising resources Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk x
Valuing ideas Financial and economic literacy x Working with others
Ethical and sustainable thinking Mobilising others Learning through experience
Knowledge Skills
Basic knowledge about marketing Achieving an efficient business strategy in the creative industry
Rules about commercial strategy An opportunity to create the brand universe

Personal story

Anna Vlasiuk (p.34-36) is from Kyiv, Ukraine. She came to Italy for family reasons in 2010, when she was 25 years old. Photography was her hobby for many years, however at one point she saw that the photos she publishes in social media, receive a good feedback, and she started receiving invitations to shoot weddings and engagements from people she didn’t know. She never created a commercial strategy as well. She feels like it’s her point of weakness, because she never thinks about her business “in a commercial way”. She plans to work on a commercial strategy in the future.

→ Can testimonies the importance of having a commercial strategy