Fashion and Creative Business

ENT8 التواصل


Duration: 1 hour

Learning outcome: By the end of this unit learners will learn about communication in general, about effective communication, its barriers and how to overcome them.

Entrepreneurial competences

Spotting opportunities x Self-awareness and self-efficacy x Taking the initiative x
Creativity x Motivation and perseverance x Planning and management
Vision x Mobilising resources Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk
Valuing ideas x Financial and economic literacy Working with others
Ethical and sustainable thinking Mobilising others Learning through experience x
Knowledge Skills
What is communication? Communication skills.
Types of communication and 7 C’s. Critical thinking.
Effective Communication, its barriers and how to overcome them. Keeping notes.

Personal story

Anna L. (p.56-57) from Belarus is 46 years old. She migrated in Greece, in Athens. She created in a really simple way a business plan to start up her own business. She was determined for that. She had an amount of money to invest, she knew exactly the company description and the business’s future plan. She also cooperated with a lawyer and an accountant. She is currently working on her own. Colleagues that she knows, introduced to her partners and suppliers. For future investments, she uses her corporate earnings. Interpersonal skills are necessary for her and communication skills together with empathy and listening are of high interest.

Thanks to this unit, Anna L. will learn more about communication and will focus on overcoming barriers in order to have an effective communication.