Fashion and Creative Business

FAS3 رقم 3: الألوان والأنماط


Duration: 1 hour

Learning Outcome: After this unit you will know the basics of the colour theory, as well as its relationship with fashion.

Entrepreneurial competences

Spotting opportunities Self-awareness and self-efficacy Taking the initiative x
Creativity x Motivation and perseverance Planning and management
Vision x Mobilising resources x Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk
Valuing ideas Financial and economic literacy Working with others
Ethical and sustainable thinking x Mobilising others Learning through experience x
Knowledge Skills
Learn to identify colours and how to use them for our interest. Creativity.
To know and introduce us to the theory of colour. Critical thinking.
Focusing more on the fashion sector, discovering what Pantone is, how prints are used and approaching potential customers depending on the area and time of year. Analysis of the reality in which you find yourself.

Personal story

In Venezuela Alejandra used to work on television as a designer. When one of her friends proposed her to move to Spain, she decided to give it a try. She took a vacation from her work in Venezuela and came to Spain for 3 months. She ended up liking her life there and decided to stay.

At first, she was working as a waitress, an office worker, a call centre manager, hence doing jobs that had nothing in common with her career in Venezuela.

However, with all of her previous experience as a fashion designer on TV and in her studio, she always wanted to start her on business. She was pursuing this direction for a while, sending her CV to various designers, but due to her irregular status the responses were always negative.

When she finally got her work permit and it seemed like everything could start rolling, other areas of her life got complicated.

Alejandra knows that the fashion world is very complicated and very closed, so she decided to start small, making clothes for children and teenagers at home, using her own sewing machine. She also teaches sewing classes and workshops.

She creates her own patterns and loves to use bright, eye-catching colours. However, over time she learned to use and combine all colours.

Introduction to the Learning Unit

Students will learn to identify different concepts that are interesting and will provide them with a global and somewhat objective vision for this didactic unit.

  1. What is colour?
  2. Colour theory
  3. Colour psychology in fashion
  4. Colour Circle and Pantone
  5. Dyeing of handmade fabrics
  6. Prints