Fashion and Creative Business

FAS7 رقم 7: متاجر الأشياء المستعملة


Duration: 1 hour

Learning Outcome: At the end of this unit the learner will be able to know the key points of second-hand shops, as well as some apps to start their online second-hand shop.

Entrepreneurial competences

Spotting opportunities x Self-awareness and self-efficacy Taking the initiative
Creativity Motivation and perseverance Planning and management
Vision x Mobilising resources x Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk
Valuing ideas x Financial and economic literacy Working with others x
Ethical and sustainable thinking x Mobilising others x Learning through experience
Knowledge Skills
Knowing consumption alternatives that bet on sustainability. Creativity.
To generate critical thinking about the obsolescence of certain products. Responsible and sustainable consumption.
Reuse of materials.
Critical thinking.

Personal story

Maria was born in Albania in 1984. Both of her parents were unemployed for a long time period, and Maria remembers that they were not able to afford the basic school equipment for her. They were forced to emigrate from Albania to Athens in 1993.

When they entered Greece, Maria’s family experienced a lot of xenophobia, from both Greek authorities and ordinary people. They had numerous issues with their immigration documents as well. Maria and her parents were atheist, but had to be baptized in the Greek Orthodox church in order to change their names and become a part of the Greek community.

After graduating from high school, Maria started taking art lessons and specialized in drawing and painting. After the end of her studies, she decided to do something innovative and eco-friendly, but relevant to her studies.

Maria uses acrylic paint to revitalize old shoes. Currently, she has a small workshop, where she draws and paints on used shoes, turning them into the works of art.

Maria works entirely on recycling and reuses canvas second-hand shoes by repairing, painting and decorating them.

Introduction to the Learning Unit

“As sustainable fashion becomes a necessity as well as a trend, shoppers are looking for new ways to fill their wardrobes”

The second-hand shop is the answer to boost the Industry world in an Eco-friendly way! Buying second-hand things is not good just for your wallet but as well for the planet which make it a wise strategy to follow.