Fashion and Creative Business

FAS8 الأخلاقيّات في صناعة تصميم الأزياء وحقوق التأليف والنشر


Duration: 1 hour

Learning outcome: By the end of this unit learners will be able to recognise the main issues of Ethical Fashion and will be aware about copyright protection on fashion design.

Entrepreneurial competences

Spotting opportunities Self-awareness and self-efficacy x Taking the initiative
Creativity Motivation and perseverance Planning and management
Vision x Mobilising resources Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk
Valuing ideas x Financial and economic literacy Working with others
Ethical and sustainable thinking x Mobilising others x Learning through experience x
Knowledge Skills
What is Ethical Fashion? Being conscious about buying clothes in moderation (decision making).
The top 5 issues about Ethical Fashion. Making responsible choices on fashion design (concision).
Copyright protection on fashion design. Support fashion that is sustainable and purchase from designers that follow ethical fashion (responsibility).

Personal story

Nadia Ammour (p.6-8) is an Algerian woman who, together with her two sisters, created a singing trio called “Tighri Uzar” (“Voice of the Roots”) on October 17, 2009. Singing since childhood and being able to communicate in several languages, they perform traditional Kabyle songs. 10 years ago, after her graduation from Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA), where she studied human resources and then sociology, Mrs. Ammour decided to create her band. 

From the very beginning the band members received a lot of help from their manager Fatma, who promoted the band, found the concerts you could’ve sung at and also organised their first meeting with leading figures in Kabyle music. Nadia feels like it’s very important for her to explain their songs to the public, as they are full of symbolism and hidden meanings. Currently the band has 15-20 concerts per year. Nadia’s message says: When you settle in a city, you must find out about all the cultural institutions that exist there and about their ethics and values. Do you have the same values? Sometimes your art might not fit somewhere everyone politically and ethically. This is a very important issue.”

Thanks to this Unit Nadia will learn more about Ethics in fashion.

Extra material, articles:

  • “Slow fashion, Ethical fashion”


  • “5 tips for shopping smarter”


  • ”Building the future of sustainable fashion”


  • Copyrights in the Fashion Industry - Tips for Protecting Designs


Videos and tutorials:

  • Insight: Ethical Fashion by TRT World