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Accounting records and measures the activity and assets of an organisation through accounting documents that record expenditure and income as well as existing assets and liabilities.

The accounting records:

The balance sheet: a summary document that traces the assets and liabilities of the entity at a given point in time.

The income statement: details the operations carried out over one year.


Entrepreneurs who operate in EIRL and who have opted for the micro-enterprise scheme or the auto-entrepreneur status (AERL) benefit from ultra-simplified accounting.

The only accounting requirements for micro EIRL and AERL are:

-Keeping a revenue book showing in chronological order the amount and origin of revenue collected for the activity, distinguishing between cash payments and other payments and indicating the supporting documents.

-Keeping a purchase register summarising the details of purchases by year, specifying the method of payment and the references of the supporting documents. Specific case for EURL: draw up a statement on 31 December each year to update the declaration of allocation. The aim is to draw up a list of the assets he decides to allocate to his company and thus separate them from his personal assets.


The auto-entrepreneur is obliged to hold an account dedicated exclusively to his professional activity and therefore separate from his current account.

How to write accounting documents?

The recipe book: can take the form of an Excel sheet with 6 columns.

Date of sale/performance; number of the corresponding invoice; name of the customer; nature of the transaction carried out; amount of the sale/performance; method of collection.

The purchase register: this document is obligatory when the activity includes the sale of goods.

The keeping of these accounting records is required and can be done on paper or by software.

Example of documents: https://www.compta-facile.com/comptabilite-de-lauto-entrepreneur/

Activity: Prepare one of the documents below entirely based on your knowledge and information about your structure.

To help you, use the video in “NEEDED RESOURCES” and deepen your knowledge of these documents.

To go further: https://bpifrance-creation.fr/moment-de-vie/comment-choisir-outil-digital-gerer-sa-comptabilite