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ENT8-A2. أ 2. التواصل الفعّال ومعوّقاته وإرشادات للتغلب عليها.




In this activity you will learn about what you should do in order to have effective communication and you will be aware of its barriers.


“How do we interpret what we hear is affected by the thoughts that pop up in our minds when we are listening.” Take some time to reflect on that statement.

Do you agree with it or not and why? How important is it for you to communicate effectively? (3 minutes)


Watch the following video about Effective Communication at work:

What are the 3 parts that effective communication can be broken down?

What do you remember for each part from the video you just watched?

Write down your answer on a piece of paper in 5 minutes.


Have you ever experienced difficulties in communicating with other people?

Why do you think that this happened?

Write down your notes on a piece of paper in 2 minutes.

Then watch this video:

10 Barriers to Effective Communication

Did you spot any barriers that are mentioned to the video you just watched?

Which are they? Can you think of ways to overcome them? (3minutes)

Read the following article:

How to Overcome Barriers of Communication at Work


Which of the tips that you just read on the previous article are you going to apply to your communication with others at work?

Paper, pen or pencil, access to the internet through a device (computer, laptop, Smartphone, tablet).