Fashion and Creative Business

ENT9-A2. Women’s entrepreneurship in EU


TIMING/LENGTH (in minutes): 20’


In this activity you will learn about women’s entrepreneurship in EU.


Do you think that it is easier for women compared to men to start their business in EU and why?

Take 4minutes to reflect on that question.


Among the first steps toward starting your business in EU is inspiration, motivation and the necessary related information. Secondly, guidance to national and European websites that can provide legal advice, financial assistance and marketing and sales tips is needed. Third, it is recommended to seek for advice and take it from the experts on the field, mentors or ambassadors.

You can learn a lot from success stories. If you lack confidence or ideas, you can get inspired by reading the two success stories of these strong women below:

Dilek Topkara


Neila Sanz Pilar



After reading these two success stories, think about how these two women overcame their challenges and write down on a piece of paper what advice they may have for you. If it is necessary, read the stories above once again. (10minutes)

Paper, pen or pencil, access to the internet through a device (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet).