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FAS7-A3. أنواع متاجر الأشياء المستعملة



In the next activity we can learn a little more about the most common types of second-hand shops.




We currently have a wide variety of second-hand items for sale: house, cars, furniture, clothes, books, etc. and these can be viewed on different platforms, and in different categories.

On the one hand, we can categorize them by those for sale online, where platforms such as Wallapop, have made a name for themselves in the sale of used products in good condition, and in this case, we can also find within them, different categories that allow you to narrow the search for products due to the great variety we can find in them. You can find some other examples here: https://www.fleamarketinsiders.com/5-best-apps-for-second-hand-trade-in-europe/

But on the other hand, we continue to have at our disposal physical stores to which we can go to see without screens the products we are looking for. In this case we can find them both by specific categories (clothing stores, book stores, decorative items, electronics, cars…) and by stores that bring together different products from different categories such as the ones shown in the previous video.

TIP: In order to start your own second-hand shop, you can find help in the municipality where you want to establish your shop in order to know how you can accept donations. Also, consider that it is very important to treat your customers fairly. They will remember this and they will very likely return to the shop again.

To start your business, visit the link below:



Go out on the street and look for second-hand shops. Learn about their story, what they sell, which type of clients they have and how they advertise their store. Next time you buy a new outfit, consider your local thrift shop.