Fashion and Creative Business

Business plan


Duration: 1 hour

Learning outcome: At the end of this Unit, the learner will be able to propose a clear business plan to potential investor after developing his/her Business Model Canvas.

Knowledge Skills
Basic Knowledge about Business Development of a Business Model Canvas

Personal story

Rosalía Polo (p.17-20) is from Colombia. She was forced to migrate because of threats against her and her family. They were hired to participate in a carnival in Colombia, and due to a series of agreements, there had to be a representation of the artists in the committees.

Currently, she has her own business selling dance clothing – tutus, flamenco skirts, maillots, etc. in Spain.

She received help from the Foundation Tomillo to create her business plan. Rosalía never made a commercial strategy and it was something that made everything complicated for her. Rosalía recommends not to start a business alone. She also suggests to identify a series of aspects beforehand: using the same terminologies (meaning of words if they’re the same because of language or not) and quality and aesthetics (not the same according to country of origin).