Fashion and Creative Business

National legislation & Taxation

Duration: 1 hour

Learning outcome: By the end of this lesson, learners will be aware with the basic elements of the French National Legislation and taxation, concerning the start-up of a new business in France.

Knowledge Skills
National Legislation Drafting of accounting documents
General tax system Control of the operating rules of the companies
Open a business Accounting training.

Personal story

Hammad (p.56-57): Hammad was born in Pakistan, in 1981.  Due to the unstable situation and to the terrorist attacks in the region, he was forced to migrate to Greece in 1996. After several years in Greece, he managed to start a fashion accessory business. Hammad tried to manage all tax matters by himself. However, due to the lack of specific knowledge, as he was not an expert in accounting, today he owes a large sum to the Greek tax authorities that he reimburses by instalments.

→ Hammad had neither a business plan nor a business strategy and therefore he had difficulty in dealing with tax issues. He recommends that all new entrepreneurs should be guided and advised by professional financial advisers. Hence the need for this training.