Fashion and Creative Business

FAS9-A2. Creative thinking in entrepreneurship


TIMING/LENGTH (in minutes): 27’


In this activity you will learn what creativity is and how it can be used in entrepreneurship


What is creativity for you?

Try to define it in 3 minutes.

How it could be combined with entrepreneurship?

Take 4minutes to think about it.


Creativity is considered as the ability to think out of the box to operate smart and to develop strategies to overcome the competitors. It is a skill that can be developed It has three axes: the knowledge, the discipline of learning and the mastering of the way of thinking. It is recognised as a practical skill that everyone can learn and achieve. It is a way of thinking, an alternative view with a fresh eye to old things. It is to examine a problem with an open-minded perspective by using as a tool your imagination and new possibilities.

Everybody is creative. Although some people are kept close to their traditions and routines that they do not allow their creativity to grow, creativity can be improved. On the other hand, some people are so creative that they do not evaluate and analyse calmly the social or economic potential of their ideas.

Entrepreneurship is an activity, which consists of 3procedures: opportunities, best solutions and resources. First, someone has to detect the opportunities. Second, it is essential to identify the best solutions in order to take advantage of these opportunities. Finally, he or she has to gather the necessary resources so as to put the best solutions into practice. A necessary step for any evaluation process is creativity and idea evaluation.

Entrepreneurship is a state of mind where you are able to:

  • recognise the chance
  • scan the environment (competitors, customers)
  • try to spot the problems
  • anticipate the needs
  • evaluate the data
  • put into practice.

Entrepreneurship is part of the innovation process that aims to launch a product or service to the market that improves the actual situation. There is a magic point at which the idea starts to be materialised and for which there is a need to take into consideration both the knowledge and the entrepreneurial capabilities, such as the leadership, the time management of conflicts and problem resolution and communication skills.


After reading the above, watch the video that follows and spot creative thinking in entrepreneurship (10minutes):

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-Fpsw_yYPg&feature=related Is what you read applicable onto that video? Why? Write down your answer. (10minutes)

Paper, pen or pencil, access to the internet through a device (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet).