Fashion and Creative Business

Develop your creativity


Duration: 1 hour

Learning Outcome: After this unit you will know the concept of creativity, some creativity techniques and how to apply creativity techniques for problem solving.

Knowledge Skills
The concept of creativity To be capable of providing solutions to different problems
Creativity techniques To further develop your own creativity

Personal story

Beatrice is 41 years old. She came to Greece from Congo during the Second Congo War as an asylum seeker. Although a peace agreement was signed in 2002, episodes of extreme continued happening in many regions of Congo, in addition to food shortage and diseases outbreaks. Beatrice lost both her parents and her siblings because of that. 

She moved to Greece 11 years ago. In the beginning, she worked as a hairdresser. However, she was always creating handmade accessories and ethnic jewellery as a hobby. When she got fired from the hair salon, she decided to make her hobby a job. Now she owns a kiosk where she samples and sells her jewelleries.

Beatrice is a warm and affectionate woman, a creative jewellery designer and a strong seller.

Beatrice is considered a war victim. She lost her home and her family due to the war. She transformed that loss into her creativity, designing and selling traditional African jewelleries to women from different continents. She recommends to transform your feelings, both sadness and happiness, into creativity and motivation.

Introduction to the Learning Unit

At the end of this learning unit you will learn:

  • What creativity is
  • Some creativity techniques
  • How to apply creativity techniques to solve a problem

The learning path will guide you through the different activities related to the topic.


  1. What is creativity?
  2. Creativity techniques

At the end of this unit you will find a self-assessment quiz with 5 questions that will help you in your learning process. In case you fail one or more questions, you can return back to the training materials and check the contents you need.