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FAS5-A2. How to use social networks: using social networks to promote




In this activity, you will learn the different uses of social networks, and how to promote a product thanks to them. We will focus on how to create quality content, to enhance the diffusion of a product.




It’s a way to understand meet the demand of a potential costumer.

According to a survey by the English NGO Hubbub, 79% of 1,000 young people between the ages of 18 and 25 admitted to having been influenced by social networks for their style, led by Instagram (55%)

The story of Sezane, a French brand:

The young entrepreneur, Morgane Sézalory, started by selling her sister’s vintage clothes, customized by her on eBay. These clothes were sold so fast that in 2007, the young woman opened her first e-shop for vintage clothing.

The brand is thus its own media, with a real web identity, marked by a constant presence on the social networks. Sézane has its own universe, with a refined style, products made in France. For Morgane Sézalory, Instagram is a perfect communication tool, since it is directly her clients who comment, like or share herpublications. She establishes a direct link with them.

 Instagram has recently installed various functionalities allowing users to facilitate the purchase, such as displaying the price of a piece of clothing on a photo, or direct redirection to the e-shop.

Through this example, we understand the importance of Instagram and social networks because it’s a new way to promote a product.


By creating quality content through a variety of applications. It is important to know how to manage your account, take photos to promote your product, etc.

Really helping apps:

Snapseed: it allows for both simple and creative retouching

Color Pop Effects: makes it easy to carry out precise colourisation and to use different filters

InShot: allows you to create image collages and work with videos.

You can download those apps on Google Play and Apple Store.


Now it’s your turn to produce your own campaign to promote your product.

To make your photo, follow the steps mentioned in the link below, and use the applications mentioned:


For more details: link on Materials

You have 30 minutes to take your picture. Don’t forget to unify your pictures for a successful Instagram account. Post in online get feedbacks! If the results don’t reach your expectations give it another try.