Fashion and Creative Business



Duration: 1 hour

Learning outcome: By the end of this unit learners will be fully informed about the process of e-shopping and the essence of e-commerce.

Knowledge Skills
What is e-shopping or online shopping? How to buy online (Critical thinking).
Tips for buying clothes online. Tips for buying clothes online (Consultation).
What is e-commerce. Start an e-commerce business from scratch (Research and organisational skills).

Personal story

Isabella (p.65-66) was born in Brazil in 1980. In 2013, due to the high levels of unemployment and inflation, she started planning her move to the U.S. However, the changes in the U.S. immigration system made it extremely difficult for her to enter the country legally. Hence, Europe became an attractive option for her. She already had friends who were living in Greece, so she moved to Athens. Today, she notes that the process of getting all of her immigration documents in order and getting a residence and a work permit was exhausting due to the bureaucracy of Greek authorities.

At first, she was teaching Latin American dances part time, but the payment was quite low. A friend suggested she use her language skills and apply for a work at the call centre for Portuguese client support.

This completely changed the quality of her life. She was finally content with her salary and now had a possibility to pursue her other interests, such as fashion. She was fond of designing clothes, creating patterns and examining fashion magazines.

Isabella became a self-taught seamstress and designer, who currently owns her own fashion workshop and designs skirts. She promotes her skirts through social media platforms, especially Facebook. However, she does not use online platforms to promote her products and notes that online platforms are not as direct and effective as social media.

Thanks to this Unit Isabella will learn about e-shopping and e-commerce and will start thinking of ways to expand her business online.