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ENT5-A2. What is a crisis management plan? How to create your own CMP?




In this activity, you will learn what a crisis management plan is and how to build one.

Why you need to develop your Crisis Management Plan (CMP)?

Individuals need to adopt a step by step approach during critical situations. In this case, CMP can help to avoid and manage a crisis. It is necessary to think rationally and develop strategies during emergency situations. Thinking about your strategies upstream allows you to take a step back from the situation and avoid mistakes.

Crisis management plan helps the employees to adopt a focused approach during emergency situations.

Individuals representing the crisis management team formulate crisis management plan to reduce the after effects of crisis at the workplace. Such plans reduce instability and uncertainty amongst the employees and help them concentrate on their work.



How to build your Crisis Management Plan?

4 Steps to create an efficient Crisis Management Plan:

  1. Identify the problem that lead to crisis.
  2. Discuss issues with your partners. On an open forum for everyone to share their opinion.
  3. Make sure you have accurate information. Don’t depend on guess works and assumptions. Double check your information before submitting the final plan.
  4. Crisis Management Plan should not only focus on ways to overcome crisis but also on making the processes efficient.

Activity: 20 minutes to carry out your own Crisis Management Plan. To help you, use the resources below (videos and articles) to guide you in this building