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FAS9-A1. Trying to define your personal vision


TIMING/LENGTH (in minutes): 33’


In this activity you will reflect on your personal vision and you will learn about your zones.



Do you trust in yourself?

Think about your personal vision. What is your dream?

Take 5 minutes to answer these questions.


Our life path consists of our past, our present and our future. The question is this: “How do we want our future to be?”. We might know what we don’t want to have in the future, but we are uncertain about what we want for our future. The starting point is to believe in ourselves. It all depends on what we believe.

The concept of comfort zone is that we move within an environment that we control, where things are familiar.

Around our comfort zone is our learning zone, where we expand our world, for example by learning new languages or by travelling to new countries. Beyond the comfort zone is what we call the panic zone or the no experience zone. But it could also be considered as the magic zone or the big challenges zone, depending on the way we look at it.

Change does not mean to lose what we have, rather than add to what we already have. Change is actually development.

There are two opposing forces: the emotional tension and the creative tension. In other words: fears versus motivation.

We are the stars of our own lives, so we have to believe in ourselves. Whatever we don’t decide, others will decide it for us.

How do you consider changes? How do you deal with your fears and motivation?

Comfort zone, learning zone, panic zone or magic zone: are you aware of them?

Take some time to think about these questions and while watching the following video from inKNOWation, spot the answers:


How you want your future to be?

Inspired by the video you just watched, write down your plan on your personal vision. Remember to trust yourself and pursue your dreams. Be persevering and positive! (10minutes)

Paper, pen or pencil, access to the internet through a device (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet)