Fashion and Creative Business

Networking, fashion and creation


Duration: 1 hour

Learning outcome: At the end of this Unit, the learner will master the basic networking tips and have the chance to broaden his/her network.

Knowledge Skills
The importance of networking in the Fashion Industry & creation A boost for your creativity
How to network in Fashion industry and creation Surround yourself with the best to improve your efficiency

Personal story

Mia Pailodze (p.44-46): was born in Abkhazia, then came to Italy, where she applied to Accademia di Belle Arti in Palermo to study fashion. In 2016 her aunt told her about a competition for young designers in Georgia. Her first collection SicilyAMO was a big success, articles about it were published in Vogue Russia, Officiel Ukraine etc. This is how her brand was created.

Mia says that her connection to Italy helps her to be more successful on Georgian market. She mostly finds her customers via Internet, social media and fashion weeks. Fashion week is always a great advertising for a designer. She also plans to work with bloggers in the nearest future but is still planning all the details. “If I will gift a blogger with a jacket and after she wears it, I will receive 10 orders for the same jacket, I need to be ready to provide them”.

This story can promote the importance of social networks & networking in Fashion Industry.



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