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ENT7-A2. Learning about effective business networking




In this activity you will learn about effective business networking.


Brainstorming (2 minutes)

“Networking can happen almost everywhere.” Do you agree with this statement? Why/Why not?

“Your network is your net worth”. Reflect on that statement. What is its meaning for you?

Mind map (5 minutes)

Why is networking so important? What do you think? Can you depict your thoughts on a mind map?


Did you know that there are some steps that you could follow in order to network successfully?

Watch this video (0:30-6:15) to learn why networking is so important and to be aware of the 8 steps that you could follow when you are out networking:

Networking could be considered as the process of building real relationships of people that are mutually beneficial and that start from economy interest or conversation.

Apart from knowing other people, talking to them and trying to get the most out of it, it is also important to focus on how you can help other people.

Watch the video below about how to network and listen to the tips provided, the so called: “5 Ls for networking:

  1. Lead – Before you even go to an event of conference, figure out who is going to be there. Do your research. Figure also out of things to talk about outside of work and business.
  2. Listen – Make sure that you are actually there, listening to the conversations, so as to be able to offer valuable insight.
  3. Look – Look people in the eyes. It makes them feel they can trust you.
  4. Leave – Don’t overstay in a conversation with somebody. Make sure that you know how to get out of it and when it’s the right time to do it.
  5. Linger – When everything is over, send a thank you email to keep in touch with those you had a conversation.



Make your own strategy! Write down the 10 steps that you are going to follow in order to make your effective business networking. (5 minutes)

Paper, pen or pencil, access to the internet through a device (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet).